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The Green Flash West Coast IPA & Green Flash Summer Saison

green flash west coast ipa The Green Flash West Coast IPA & Green Flash Summer SaisonCourtesy of Local Dark Bars

By Brandon Gould

Green Flash Brewing Companies extravagantly hopped West Coast IPA has a pungent bitter taste at first sip but is complemented my many other flavors.  With its sunset copper color, crisp taste, and floral hops it defines the qualifications of the West Coast IPA.  The gangs of hops that impugn upon your pallet are Simcoe, Columbus, Centennial, and Cascade.  These four different yet complementing varieties give the West Coast its pine, floral, citric and fruity flavors. This flagship IPA from San Diego County is the recipient of many awards and accolades for its American IPA Style.   7.3% ABV and 95 IBU’s.


green flash brewing logo The Green Flash West Coast IPA & Green Flash Summer SaisonGreen Flash Summer Saison

To the untrained eye the Summer Saison has a fizzy yellow beer look to it, though if you had the slightest taste for craft beer you probably have a good idea of what’s going on in this beer.  It is a light bodied beer with citrus, lemon, as well as hints of banana flavors which all can be tasted and smelt.  I would compare it to many of good wheat beers.  Hope I didn’t offend any Germans or Belgians by comparing styles. This Farmhouse ale by San Diego County’s Green Flash Brewery is a great choice on a nice hot summer day working the farm fields of Belgium or something of this nature .  At 4.3% ABV Summer Saison is what I like to call a good duration beer, meaning that it can be consumed for long periods of time with less likely hood of falling over.  Wheat or No Wheat its a great light and refreshing beer!




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2 comments to The Green Flash West Coast IPA & Green Flash Summer Saison

  • Ron

    I love that west coast IPA although the 7.3% is a little strong for my liking. It is still a refreshing crisp beer with good colour. Just wish I could have more!


  • Brandon,

    I really like the GF West Coast IPA. Very hoppy, crisp, and refreshing. If you haven’t already, try the GF Imperial IPA, especially on tap.


    Billy Z.


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