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The March Madness Beer Championship Elite 8

Lou Alcinder UCLA Kareem Abdul Jabar 300x244 The March Madness Beer Championship Elite 8Sweet 16 Results & Elite 8 Matchups

By Team Goldmine

There are a few certainties in life: death, taxes, major upsets in the NCAA Basketball tournament, and a lot of beer drinking at the Whiskey Goldmine.  In the March Madness Beer Championship Tournament at Whiskey Goldmine, we have painstakingly drank beer after beer after beer to get down to the Elite 8 beers of the world.  It was very difficult to consume this insane amount of beer but we’ve done it just for you; just so you can listen to us tell you what the best beers in the world are.  We would write a longer article and tell you the Sweet 16 results but we’re pretty hungover from the utter debauchery running amuck in Atlantic City right now; fight weigh ins, deep stacked poker tables, throwing hot rocks at the craps table and open bar and free buffets with Macallan 12, prime rib, shrimp cocktail, Heinekens and pecan pie.  It’s completely out of control and we’re just getting started.  Click the link below to download the March Madness Bracket to see the Sweet 16 results and Elite 8 matchups.  This is the road to the final four.

Click the link below for the March Madness Bracket! 

2011 March Madness Beer Championship Elite 8



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