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The Stone Vertical Epic & Stone Double Bastard Ale

Stone Vertical Epic 101010 300x235 The Stone Vertical Epic & Stone Double Bastard AleCourtesy of Local Dark Bars

By Brandon Gould

So, Vertical Epic is new to me but it is a phenomenon I will gladly get behind. It is genius marketing with a kick.  I’ll start by saying that the alcohol content is 9.5%.(the kick).  So stone has been putting out these different versions of Vertical Epic since soon after the turn of the century.  Each one is brewed a little differently and is meant to be opened on a specific date  and is released one year, one month, and one day later from the previous.   The next will be on November 11th 2011, 11-11-11. (the Marketing)

The 10-10-10 is a Belgian-style trippel brewed with dried chamomile flowers, triticale and Belgian amber candy sugar. The most present and unique flavors though are the locally grown Muscat, gewurraminer and sauvignon blanc grapes.  This version of the V.E. is fruity, sweet, and packs a punch.  We highly recommended to purchase and save till open date, 12-12-12.  Till then also buy a couple to have now to help reduce the temptation of opening the others 


arrogantbastard stone brewing 258x300 The Stone Vertical Epic & Stone Double Bastard AleStone Double Bastard

This spin off of Stone Breweries Arrogant Bastard is another beer that you’re not worthy of drinking.  At 11.2% you won’t know what hits you and its great taste you won’t appreciate.  Double Bastards beautiful dark color will immediately intimidate you so take that first impression and buy the fizzy yellow beer that suits your mediocre personality.









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2 comments to The Stone Vertical Epic & Stone Double Bastard Ale

  • Have had both the 09.09.09 & 10.10.10 Vertical Epic. Loved the smoothness & complexity of each one. Looking forward to seeing what Stone does with 11.11.11!


    Bill Z.


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    Is this a major release or usually pretty limited?


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