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The Blue Point Spring Fling Ale

blue point brewing logo 300x166 The Blue Point Spring Fling AleBy James Parker

Red, amber and copper ales are standard offerings from breweries during the spring, and I’m pretty sure this stems from a desire to give craft and micro brew drinkers an alternative to Killian’s Irish Red or Miller Lite with green food coloring in it on St. Patrick’s Day.  While I do appreciate the chance to be “Irish” along with everyone else, I’ve always found beers of that ilk to be lacking in some way.  After carefully inspecting Blue Point’s Spring Fling packaging and determining that it’s just flowers and other assorted greenery in the graphics (not a Shamrock in sight), I decided to try this copper ale and I’m glad that I did.  Spring beer is tough; in the northeast it’s wet most of the time and even on the days when it is seasonable, it takes a while to warm up in the morning.  Still, it gets cold at night.  A brewer needs to be committed to making a beer that has some body but still goes down easily when being consumed in that occasional patch of sun.  Spring Fling accomplishes this with a creamy, luscious head that leans a little more malty than hoppy in aroma, a smooth buttery taste and a very dry finish that leaves nothing behind but the hops suggested by the nose.  Relatively speaking, Spring Fling does just as it should: Comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.  Well done.   




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