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Russian River Brewing’s Pliny the Younger Imperial IPA

russian river pliny the younger Russian River Brewing’s Pliny the Younger Imperial IPAPliny the Younger: World Renowned Triple IPA

By Jeremy Thomson of the Khyber Pass Pub

The elusive Russian River Pliny the Younger has been called “The Best Beer in the World” and has caused near riots in Northern California where it is brewed.  Brewed once a year and only distributed on draft to a very small handful of markets in California, Denver and Philadelphia, this brew creates a crowd anywhere you are lucky enough to find it poured.

At 11% ABV this enormous Imperial IPA, packs a punch.  However, the true beauty of this beer lies in the fact that its heavy hop bill is so well balanced against a malt backbone just large enough to get the ABV so high.

russian river brewing Russian River Brewing’s Pliny the Younger Imperial IPASipping this sublimely golden ale one might guess it weighs in closer to 8.0%–or less.  A tropical citrus aroma emanates from the glass and these characteristics continue into the flavor but are also joined with an overwhelming piney resinous (maybe the reason “Pliny” is often misspelled “Pliney”?).  Younger rounds out finishing surprisingly dry with little of the sweetness typically found in a brew this large.  This beer is not a hop bomb like so many Imperial IPAs, but rather explodes with the balance that few, if any, beers achieve.

Is it the best beer in the world?  Probably not.  But the first time you are lucky enough to try Pliny the Younger, you may find yourself plotting, planning and missing work just to get a second glass of this big, balanced elixir.






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2 comments to Russian River Brewing’s Pliny the Younger Imperial IPA

  • Most definitely probably not. But it is damn good.


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    Afreed Fred. And I completely agree with Jeremy Thomson here. The best part of this IPA is that it’s balenced, just like Pliny the Elder. As a matter of fact, the Elder tasted more hoppy to me. Sounds crazy, but true.

    Anywho, there was a line around the corner at 10:30 am at Capone’s in East Norriton about a month ago for people just waiting to get a taste of the Pliny the Younger. I got about 3 shots of this beer for $7 and I had to tip the waitress $1. Not that I care about $8, it’s just a little silly. The beer was great, but not that great. It’s just a beer. Anyway, hung out at the bar with some friends all day long and got ripped with Pliny the Elders, Russian River Flying Pig, Founders Breakfast and some other ish. The beer was good but the best part was hanging at the bar with the boys.


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