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Flying Fish Exit 13 Foreign Stout: Another Exit Worth Trying

flying fish exit 13 chocolate stout 272x300 Flying Fish Exit 13 Foreign Stout: Another Exit Worth TryingCourtesy of Billy’s Beer Blog

By Bill Zavorskas

For those of us who have traveled down the New Jersey Turnpike, the best thing about Exit 13 is the IKEA in Elizabeth. Fortunately there’s an Exit 13 that has something to offer besides stylish, sometimes easy to assemble Scandinavian furniture.  Flying Fish Exit 13 (Flying Fish Brewing Co.; Cherry Hill, NJ; Foreign Stout; ABV: 7.5), named for the exit that provides access to Newark International Airport and the Port of Elizabeth, is a delicious, very well balanced foreign stout. Jet black in color, Exit 13 has rich notes of dark milk chocolate and roasted malt complimented by vanilla spices and floral hops with a dry smoky finish. The chocolate and coffee backbone gives Exit 13 a nice warming effect, and it makes an excellent dessert beer.

You’ll enjoy journeying down this Exit 13.






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