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The Founders Imperial Stout

Founders Imperial Stout 300x218 The Founders Imperial StoutAnother World Class Beer from Founders Brewing

By Matt Goldstein

The Founders Imperial Stout is brewed with ten varieties of malted barley and hops are pushed to about 90 IBUs.  The Founders Imperial Stout is dark, malty, chocolaty, sticky, dry and bitter with notes of coffee.  It’s a perfect Imperial Stout.  The dry and bitter but drinkable style imperial stout is often unmatched.  We think the Imperial Stout is actually much better than the Founders Breakfast Stout, which isn’t peanuts.  All we can really say is wow!  I know, I know, all we write is Founders this, Founders that.  Even our staff gets annoyed by it.  Guess what?  We don’t care.  It’s not our fault Founders keeps putting a masterpiece in every bottle.  Just drink a beer and shut up!  If you have the chance, the Founders Imperial Stout is an absolute must. 




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2 comments to The Founders Imperial Stout

  • Definitely have to try this stout! Looks like it’s on tap at several places in Chicago, where we’ll be next week.


    Bill Z.


    chap71 Reply:

    It’s an absolute must Bill. I definitely would.


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