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Beer Wars: Sam Adams Sues Anchor Steam

anchor steam anchor brewing Beer Wars: Sam Adams Sues Anchor SteamBy Matt Goldstein

The Boston Beer Company is suing the San Francisco based Anchor Brewing over a non-compete clause.  Anchor Brewing has recently hired former Boston Beer Company Executive Judd Hausner.  Although difficult to enforce, non-compete clauses can cause an array of legal problems for the hiring company and new employee.  Part of the Sam Adams complaint is that Hausner has vast knowledge of Boston Beer Company plans and strategy.  Guess what, we at Whiskey Goldmine don’t really care as long as both companies continue making beer, so let’s have it.




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2 comments to Beer Wars: Sam Adams Sues Anchor Steam

  • Tim Rodgers

    I fear that this is bad news for Anchor Steam. IMO Sam Adams has gotten
    away from bringing the art of craft beer making to a more mainstream audience to now engaging in more “gimmick-ry.” I always viewed Anchor Steam as a little more authentic in this regard. If Anchor Steam is hiring Boston Beer Co. execs, it signals to me that the Anchor Steam brand wants to take its beer in the same direction of Sam Adams. As far as the non-compete clause, BBC needs to have specific information that Hausner used to BBC confidential info to further Anchor Steam. We’ll see.


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    I hear you. But with the craft beer boom, these dudes have to figure out a way to make some money too. Anchor Steam is one of those marginal beers that might not get real respect from the craft beer geeks.


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