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Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Profile: The Craft Beers & Breweries of Wisconsin

Aaron Rodgers green bay packers1111 300x160 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Profile: The Craft Beers & Breweries of WisconsinCarft Breweries Changing the Face of Wisconsin Beer

By Tim Rodgers

We are now beginning to see why Brett Favre was run out of Green Bay for the budding superstud-upstart, Aaron Rodgers.  Rodgers of no immediate relation (except in awesomeness) won’t ask a young physical therapist intern for a happy ending like his predecessor might, but he may finally give the folks of the Green Bay/Milwaukee area a very happy ending to the 2010-2011 NFL season!  Milwaukee Wisconsin has a long tradition of brewing beers and named an entire Major League Baseball franchise after the trade.  In the “upper peninsula” the winters tend to be longer and colder than many of us are used to.  Therefore, a couple more beers and perhaps an extra bratwurst or two may be necessary in order to get over that cabin fever.  Let’s put Miller and Milwaukee’s Beast aside and looks at some other great breweries this cheese face state has to offer.


Milwaukee Brewers logo pic 300x225 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Profile: The Craft Beers & Breweries of WisconsinLakefront Brewery

Milwaukee, WI

Brewery Type: Micro with an annual capacity of 3000 barrels.

Brewmaster: Dirk Konings  

Notable brews:

Beer Line Barley Wine

Regional Champion, 2004-2005 U.S. Beer Tasting Championship

Big Easy Lager, a German-Style Heller Bock/Maibock

Bronze Medal, 2004 World Beer Cup

Bock Beer, a  Traditional German Style Bock

Second Place, 1994 Chicago Beer


green bay packers logo 1111 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Profile: The Craft Beers & Breweries of WisconsinJacob Leinenkugel Brewing

Milwaukee, WI

 Notable brews:

Leinenkugel’s OriginalPale lager

Leinenkugel’s LightLight beer

Leinenkugel’s Honey WeissPale lager

Leinenkugel’s Red LagerVienna lager

Leinenkugel’s Creamy DarkDark Lager or Dunkel

Leinenkugel’s Berry WeissFruit beer

Leinenkugel’s Sunset WheatWheat beer

Leinenkugel’s Classic AmberLager


 Sprecher Brewing Co

Glendale, WI

What’s interesting about these guys is that they are probably more famous for their home grown ginger ale made with real ginger root than the beer. Whether you need some craft beer or some cream soda, they’ve got  beverages for the whole family.


Capital Brewery

Middleton, WI

Over the years, the Capital Brewery has gained national and worldwide attention by having won several platinum, gold, silver, and bronze awards at many beer competitions.  Some of these contests have been the Great American Beer Festival, Chicago Beer Society Tastings, and the Great Taste of the Midwest. The most prominent award was at the Beverage Testing Institute’s World Beer Championships.  It was here that the Blonde Doppelbock was awarded platinum not once, but three times in the past 8 years and, in 1998, the brewery was rated #1 in the U.S. and #7 in the world.


New Glarus Brewing Company

New Glarus, WI

The New Glarus Brewing Company produces six beers that are available year round and a few seasonals’ to complement the holidays and a selection of surprises to keep it interesting.  New Glarus is also critically acclaimed by Whiskey Goldmine’s P. Smith. 




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