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Random Thoughts from Philly Beer Week 2011

Philly Beer Week 2011 logo Random Thoughts from Philly Beer Week 2011

Tales of the Philly Beer Scene, Craft Beer and Beer Week Shananigans

By Matt Goldstein & Pat Smith

We started Beer Week off at The Iron Abbey with a free beer dinner and Sly Fox Firkin.  What’s better than free beer and dinner?  From sliders to cheese steak egg rolls, pita and hummus and salad, the Philly Beer Scene Magazine set up a nice spread.  Some of us totally missed the first weekend of beer week though because we were off in A.C. covering the fights.  But hey, we certainly drank a lot of beer, believe it.  Overall, we hit about 8 events. 

  • We then trumped over to the Khyber Pass Pub for the Ballast Point Event which might have had the best beer overall.


  • Our next event was the Sidecar Bar for the Nebraska Brewing event and then the Resurrection Ale House for all Wood in the Hood.  Every beer on tap was whiskey barrel aged and the Port Ole’ Viscosity didn’t disappoint.  The truffle burger at the Side Car Bar is one of the best burgers in the city, no question about it.


  • Then we were over to The Grace Tavern for the Stout tap takeover and the Khyber Pass Pub to clean out their remaining kegs from beer week followed by a stop at the excellent Belgian ale house, Eulogy.  The Po-boy sandwich at the Khyber is completely out of control.  It’s an absolute must try.  We recommend the Fried Shrimp Po-boy.


  • fegleys hopsolutely triple ipa poster Random Thoughts from Philly Beer Week 2011On Sunday the final day of beer week we stopped at the Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting for their Beer Week blowout to pick up some great craft beer deals and off to our Sommelier Tom Pittakas’s house for a Sunday afternoon BBQ with slow cooked ribs on the smoker.  Craft beer and smoked ribs.  Suck on that beer week!


  • The anointed one, wife and webmaster Carolynn Chapman actually tried a craft beer.  We forced her hand and made her put down the Coors Light and try a Stouts Pilsner.  Then she voluntarily ordered a 2nd one.  WOW!  Move over beer geeks. 


  • The Ballast Point Victory by Sea Coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter and the Hitachino Espresso Stout were probably the best beers we sampled.  Both are flat out studs.


  • grace tavern Random Thoughts from Philly Beer Week 2011I left a tip on the bar for the bartender at the Grace and some crack head junky hipster scumbag might have stolen it.  He’s lucky I didn’t catch him but I’m almost positive he did it.  At the risk of ruining a good party I didn’t say a word. 


  • Again, the truffle burger at the Sidecar Bar and the Po-Boy at the Khyber Pass Pub are absolute musts for any Philadelphia foodie.


  • iron abbey gastro pub horsham1 Random Thoughts from Philly Beer Week 2011General Manager at the Iron Abbey, Rui Lucas was pouring the beers himself at the Philly Beer Scene Magazine beer dinner to kick off beer week.  This guy is a great manager and great ambassador for the craft beer world.  Where else can you get Brazilian steak samplers from N’brasa, one of the best beer lists in the city and watch a UFC or Boxing PPV for free.  Exaclty.


  • I never actually got to smash a beer geek in the face with a Miller Highlife, but it would have been fun. 


  • The $12 dollars for a 10 ounce of Nebraska Brewings Black Betty Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout at the Sidecar was a little much.  $12?  Really?  It was good and had a unique aftertaste but it wasn’t that good. 


  • resurrection ale house Random Thoughts from Philly Beer Week 2011We wish we would have gotten to try more beers at the Resurrection Ale House All Wood in the Hood event.  Whiskey Barrel aged beers is one of our favorite styles. 


  • Beer week is getting over done a bit.  It seemed that there was about 500 events which is just crazy, but hey, anything that sells in this economy is a good thing, especially American beer.  Speaking of which, sales of IPA’s have increased 40% over the last year.  Hopefully the American IPA phenomenon takes off internationally; it would do great things for our country.      
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