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Walmart Makes Major move into Craft Beer

walmart movie evil smiley Walmart Makes Major move into Craft BeerWorld’s Biggest Company & America’s Biggest Beer Seller to Tap Craft Beer Market

By Matt Goldstein

In a major sign that craft beer has gone main stream, the world’s biggest company and America’s biggest beer seller, Walmart, is making a major move into the craft beer market.  If there’s one thing Walmart has that the others don’t, it’s shelf space.  Walmart are the biggest and most prevalent stores in the world and they can sell an enormous variety in comparison to competitors.  Not to mention, Walmart’s buying power allow them to have the best consumer pricing available.  Walmart’s plan is simple, offer more craft beer at a better price.  While some might think this is craft beer selling out, or adding a bit of a  cheesy mainstream factor to what sometimes has an underground feel, craft beer at Walmart might drive prices down at other beer outlets.  There are some local craft beer takeouts right here in the Philly/NJ area that are simply raping customers because they think they can.  Walmart just might make those takeouts think twice about the excessive and sometimes arrogant pricing.  Perhaps, Walmart can help the craft beer world grow; essentially being good for the United States as we are dominating the market.  There comes a time when you must ask yourself, “What would Kenny Powers do?”  We’re going to continue to investigate whether Walmart plans on taking U.S. craft beer throughout the world.  Coming soon…

Source: Advertising Age




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1 comment to Walmart Makes Major move into Craft Beer

  • Loveeee holiday dirnks and Santa looks perfectly content nestled among the booze. Love eggnog, Amaretto, and Irish Coffees. But I’m an equal opportunity drinker, I’m not too picky when it comes to a tasty holiday toddy!


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