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Iron Age Celtic Brewing: 2500 Year Old Beer Making Discovered in France!

iron aged beer making barley malts Iron Age Celtic Brewing: 2500 Year Old Beer Making Discovered in France!Celtics Preferred Beer Over Wine, as Opposed to the Greeks & Romans

By Matt Goldstein

In what has been described as one of the oldest beer making operations in Europe, a 2500 year old brewery was discovered in an archeological dig in the Provence region of Southeastern France.  An area settled by Celtics at the time, sprouted carbonized barley was discovered in what is most likely a residential house.  “Based on the barley remains, its location and the equipment, the researchers believe the home’s inhabitants soaked the grain in vessels, spread it out during germination on a flat area of the paved floor, dried the grain in the oven to stop germination, and used grindstones to pulverize the malted barley.  Hearths and containers were then probably used for fermentation and storage.”  Although residential, the size of the operation suggests that this was a communal beer making facility.  Historically, the Celtics always had an appreciation for beer, as opposed to the Romans and Greeks who preferred wine.  The Celtics produced beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages.  Through Whiskey Goldmine’s own investigation into the subject matter, we’ve concluded that Celtic Pride is awesome, and beer, even more awesome.    

Source: Discovery News




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