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Hennessy Privilege VSOP Cognac

hennessy privilege vsop cognac pic 300x225 Hennessy Privilege VSOP CognacVSOP Eaux De Vie Are Aged At Least 4 Years in French Oak Barrels

By Matt Goldstein

Hennessy Privilege VSOP Cognac is an accomplished blend of 60 different eaux de vie from 4 regions of Cognac, France. VSOP eaux de vie are aged no less than four years in French oak barrels.  In 1817, the future King of England George IV, ordered a Very Superior Old Pale eaux de vie from Hennessy.  The term VSOP was born.  The Hennessy Privilege VSOP has a sweet scent with notes of dried fruit and oak. The flavor is complex, sweet, and tangy with a thick mouth feel.  Having notes of nut and vanilla with a flavorful aftertaste and solid bite, yet exceptionally smooth, this is the VSOP all Cognacs should strive to be.  

It wasn’t until 1865 that Hennessy began using VS, or very special, in which the eaux de vies are aged at least 2 years. Finally, in 1870, Hennessy Cognac introduces the XO, in which the eaux de vies are aged for at least 6 years.


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