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The Hennessy Cognac Sazerac Cocktail

Hennessy Cognac Sazerac Cocktail 225x300 The Hennessy Cognac Sazerac CocktailDid you know that one of the oldest known drinks, The Sazerac, originally called for cognac?  According to Hennessy, Cognac started the Sazerac and here is their take on the classic cocktail and Hennessy makes one of the best Sazeracs around.  Muddle ½ oz. simple syrup, 3 dashes of bitters, 1½ oz. Hennessy V.S and ice in a glass. Remove the ice and in a chilled glass pour a small amount of absinthe over the ice. Discard the liquid, and add the flavored ice to the whiskey. Stir and serve!

A collection of over 40 eaux de vie, the Hennessy VS is made from a recipe that has been around for 145 years.  It’s a classic Cognac.  The Hennessy VS is aged at least 2 years, the VSOP is aged at least 4 years and the XO is aged at least 6 years.




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