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Introducing Rose Courvoisier: A Red Wine & Cognac Liqueur

courvoisier rose red wine cognac 1 124x300 Introducing Rose Courvoisier: A Red Wine & Cognac LiqueurBy Matt Goldstein

After releasing Courvoisier 12 years aged and Courvoisier 21 years aged, Courvoisier now releases the Rose, a blend of signature Cognac and French red wine grapes.  At a very low alcohol percentage, 18.0%, the Courvoisier is designed to be a sweet, easy drinking liqueur.  Sipping more like a sweet wine than a strong Cognac, the Rose Courvoisier is designed to be market to the African American community as Rose wine has taken off in that demographic.  In fact, African Americans single handedly saved the Cognac industry when it became the trend to drink Cognac.  Not a bad move because we love us some Courvoisier.  Review coming soon.  A 750ml bottle of Courvoisier Rose has a suggested retail price of $24.99.

From Courvoisier

  • Courvoisier Rosé-a first-of-its-kind cognac innovation. An elegant blend of Courvoisier Cognac and premium French red wine grapes, its refreshing and smooth taste makes it perfect for any occasion.
  • The fusion of ripe summer fruits, like blackberry and peach, combine perfectly with the aromatic complexity of Courvoisier, creating a smooth and sensual flavour explosion.

Colour: Deep maroon

Blend: Courvoisier cognac with a touch of superior French red wine grapes

Aroma: Blackberry, blackcurrant and a touch of cherry, along with notes of vanilla, honey and vine-peach flavours

Taste: Round, smooth, and crisp in the mouth with a delicious aftertaste

  • Neat: For ultimate refreshment, Courvoisier Rosé is best served chilled or sipped over ice in the summer.

Cocktails: The intense fruit flavours and renowned smoothness of Courvoisier Rosé makes it the perfect accompaniment with Champagne or orange juice.




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