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The Hendrick’s Gin Cucumber Martini

hendricks gin 300x192 The Hendrick’s Gin Cucumber MartiniA Must for Every Gin Drinker!

By Matt Goldstein 


One might not think that adding a cucumber to a martini is the most enticing; however, when it comes to Hendrick’s Gin, the cucumber gin martini is a masterpiece.  Hendrick’s is a small batch gin from Scotland infused with cucumber and rose petals.  When drinking the cucumber gin martini, the flavor if the infused cucumber comes through with an excellent balance.  The cucumber is a little more than subtle but not overbearing in anyway.  For any gin drinker, it’s a must!

Hendrick’s Recommends: 

2.5 parts gin

.5 parts dry vermouth

1 cucumber slice 

Stir in a mixing glass and strain in a chilled martini glass.  Garnish with a cucumber.


Gin cucumber martini 380x285 300x225 The Hendrick’s Gin Cucumber MartiniWhiskey Goldmine Recommends:

2.5 parts gin

.2 parts

2 thin cucumber slices

Pour a touch of vermouth into a martini glass, swirl around the glass and pour it out.  Pour the Hendrick’s gin into an ice filled shaker and shake hard for 10 seconds.  Pour the gin into the martini glass and drop the cucumber slices right in the gin.  




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