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Patron Reposado Small Batch Tequila, Aged in Oak Barrels

patron reposado tequila pic 222x300 Patron Reposado Small Batch Tequila, Aged in Oak Barrels

By Matt Goldstein

Patron Reposado Tequila is aged in oak barrels for over two months and blended to have a clean flavor like Patron Silver, but with a hint of the oak flavor in Patron Anejo.  According to Patron, Agave, which is the plant distilled to make tequila, has been used to make clothing and as a food source for more than 9000 years.  Although Agave looks like a cactus, it is actually part of the lily flower family.  Patron specifically uses the Blue Agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco Mexico.  The Agave is then harvested at the peak of sweetness and then slowly steamed in small batches for about 36 hours.  Each Patron bottle is unique and hand made by an artisan glassmaker in which about 20% of the bottles are actually rejected.           


The Parton Reposado Tequila Flavor, Taste & Review

The color of Patron Reposado Tequila is clear, but with a beautiful light gold tint.  The scent of the Reposado is a spicy agave with a mellow but tangy and sweet aroma.  Having a small bite but long warming and thin mouth feel, the Patron Reposado is slightly dry with a complex aftertaste.  The flavor is fruit, sweet and salty with a slight spicy touch.  This is an excellent tequila!  Although a bit pricy, we love the Patron Reposado Tequila!  The Patron Reposado is best when served warm and sipped neat.       



The Tequila Trials: Patron Silver, 1800 Silver, Casa Noble Crystal, Jose Cuervo Gold, Patron Anejo and Cazedores Anejo Tequila’s.



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2 comments to Patron Reposado Small Batch Tequila, Aged in Oak Barrels

  • elaine

    hello ,i am hotel purchasing dept ,i want find parton tequila ,could you give me you agent in shanghai and contact number,thank you .
    waiting for your reply.


    WGM Reply:

    Sorry, don’t know anyone in China. Try Patrons website for contact info.


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