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The 42 Below Vodka Martini

42below vodka pic 1111 300x231 The 42 Below Vodka MartiniStraight Out of New Zealand: The Worlds Most Award Winning Vodka

Named after the geographical location of New Zealand, the 42nd parallel; 42 Below Vodka claims that their native New Zealand water is the secret behind the award winning flavor.  Locals call New Zealand the Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud.  Over the last four years, 42 Below Vodka and its flavored vodkas won 19 gold medals in international spirit competitions.  That’s not peanuts.    


The 42 Below Vodka Flavor, Taste & Review

42 Below is a solid martini vodka.  This New Zealand native vodka is smooth with just enough bite.  42 Below has a mellow vanilla flavor and a dry mouth feel with a hint of salt that compliments the martini pretty well. For those looking for a smooth vodka at about $20, 42 Below is a pretty good buy.  19 Gold medals though?  Eh…

My Dad and Stepmom Janice are in New Zealand on vacation right now as I write this and I know one of them is sipping a martini.  Cheers!


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