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The Chopin Potato Vodka Martini: A Review

Chopin 22222 The Chopin Potato Vodka Martini: A ReviewAn Exceptionally Smooth Vodka Martini…

By Matt Goldstein

Chopin Vodka is a small batch, 4 times distilled potato vodka from Poland.  Chopin Potato Vodka is exceptionally smooth with a solid flavor.  Although it may be a bit too smooth; and perhaps the lack of bite takes away slightly from the flavor, Chopin is very much an excellent vodka.  The first time I had a Chopin Vodka martini was right after an Ultimat Vodka martini.  The Ultimat Vodka martini was a complete disappointment.  Ultimat didn’t taste like vodka at all actually, but more like stale wet paper.  After the Ultimat, the Chopin martini tasted like liquid gold.  Now, being that it wasn’t much of a contest, I had 5 more Chopin martini’s this weekend to see if it could stand on its’ own.  The martini’s were prepared with the In and Out style so the vodka carried the most weight.  The Chopin performed very well.  Again, it was exceptionally smooth and is probably the smoothest potato vodka on the market.  For an inexperienced vodka drinker, smoothness might be the most important factor, however, for a vodka connoisseur; one might be expecting slightly more flavor and bite.  For about $30, the Chopin Potato Vodka is an exceptional vodka and much better than the more expensive Ultimat, which retails for just under $50.  Chopin Potato Vodka is named after Frédéric François Chopin, the famous Polish composer and was introduced in 1993.  Chopin Potato Vodka was introduced to the United States in 1997. 


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