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The Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka Martini

Ciroc snap frost Vodka distilled from grapes 1 The Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka MartiniPhenomenally Smooth, Five Times Distilled from French Gaillac Grapes 

By Matt Goldstein

Ciroc Snap Frost vodka is a very rare style of vodka.  More than 98% percent of all vodkas are distilled from grains, while the others are distilled from potatoes.  Ciroc however, is distilled from grapes.  This extremely rare style is actually exceptionally good.  Ciroc snap frost grapes are grown at the Mauzac Blanc vineyard next to the medieval Cordes-sur-Ciel commune in the Gaillac region of France.  The snap frost grapes are distilled four times and then blended with Ugni Blanc grapes from Cognac.  The Blend is then distilled for a 5th time.  Normally, grains need heat to release their sugars, but grapes can be distilled through a cold fermentation and cold maceration process.  This process most likely contributes to the very unique flavor of Ciroc.  We guarantee that you’ve never tasted vodka quite like this.     

Ciroc snap frost Vodka distilled from grapes 300x199 The Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka Martini

The Flavor

The Ciroc Ultra Premium Snap Frost Vodka is phenomenally smooth with notes of fruit and a sweet, salty finish.  There is a definitive citrus flavor that is rare in straight, non flavored vodka.  The flavor is exceptional with a slight hint of sour.  Normally, we prefer more bite in a vodka but this flavor is so unique that the recipe shouldn’t be changed.  Ciroc is solid for a martini vodka but it’s perfect for sipping neat or on the rocks.  The citrus and fruit flavor and lemon mouth feel, with a smoothness often unmatched, make Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka one of the best available.  After our 2nd in and out martini, we couldn’t help ourselves and just began sipping it straight. 


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