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Effen Vodka, Imported from Holland

effen vodka bottles 300x276 Effen Vodka, Imported from HollandIn Dutch, Effen Means Smooth, Even, Balanced

By Matt Goldstein

Effen Vodka is made from premium wheat from Northern Holland.  Through a process of continuous rectification, Effen claims that their vodka is distilled “hundreds of times.”  Most vodkas are distilled anywhere between 1-5 times.  Effen also distills their vodka at lower temperatures compared to other vodkas.  Filtered five times by using a “bottom-up” filtration process, Effen also uses pure spring water which is filtered through reverse osmosis.    

Effen Vodka Tasting Notes:

We tasted Effen vodka in 5 separate in and out martinis.  Thin, smooth, excellent.  Beautiful vodka grains, flavorful after a few sips, dry, medicinal mouth feel, perfect martini flavor.  Perhaps a bit thin on the first sip, but gets better sip after sip.  Grainy, oily, gets crisper the more you sip.  Very good all around vodka.    




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2 comments to Effen Vodka, Imported from Holland

  • Susan

    How much does this Effen Vodka cost?


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    I* want to say about $28.00 or so. I will try to concentrate on adding price ranges to all of the products we review.


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