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Rokk Vodka of Sweden: Less than $15 for a Great Vodka

rokk vodka Rokk Vodka of Sweden: Less than $15 for a Great VodkaA Vodka Made with Freeze Filtered Glacial Water

By Team Goldmine

The newest vodka out of Sweden, Rokk Vodka, won a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition and costs about $13 per bottle.  Rokk vodka is made with glacial water from Sweden and with a unique “freeze filtered” process.  Through freeze filtration the Rokk Vodka is filtered through frozen charcoal which Rokk claims removes more impurities than the average filtration process.  According to Rokk, “freeze filtration” raises PH Levels, reduces acidity, which makes the vodka smoother.  Forget all that.  We don’t even like vodka’s that are too smooth.  Rokk vodka though, has a great flavor, especially for the price.  Smooth but also crisp, this vodka is solid all around and worthy for sipping straight in a martini.  Why spend ridiculous amounts of money on premium vodka’s when Rokk vodka’s and others like Svedka, Tanqueray and Pinnacle are just as good for under $15.  It’s a no brainer.  We absolutely recommend Rokk vodka.  Go Vikings!        

(Swedish: Rökstenen) is the most famous runestone in Sweden, featuring the longest known runic inscription. It is considered the first piece of written Swedish Literature and therefore marks the beginning of recorded history in Sweden.

RÖKK is made with clean water from glacial sources in Kalby, Sweden – the picturesque countryside five hours west of Stockholm. The spring is adjacent to the distillery and is renowned for its ultra-crisp, clean water.




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