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The Russian Standard Vodka: The Official Recipe of Russian Vodka

russian standard vodka The Russian Standard Vodka: The Official Recipe of Russian VodkaMade With Pure Glacier Water and Winter Wheat from the Russian Steppes

The Russian Standard Vodka was created when the Tsars of the Imperial Court in St. Petersburg ordered their famous national scientist, Dmitry Mendeleev to set the Imperial quality standard for Russian Vodka.  In 1894 the Russian Standard vodka was born.  Using pure glacial water from Lake Ladoga and winter wheat from the Russian Steppes, The Russian Standard is crafted strictly to the rules of Mendeleev.  This is the vodka that set the standard for the entire world, Russian vodka.  As always, we taste the vodka using the in an out martini style.

russian standard vodka portfolio The Russian Standard Vodka: The Official Recipe of Russian VodkaRussian Standard Vodka Tasting Notes:

The Russian Standard is very smooth, almost too smooth, but grainy, lightly oily with no bite.  There is a little bite in the finish towards the end of the martini and this vodka definitely gets better as you sip.  If you like smooth vodkas, you won’t find much better for $20.


History of the Russian Standard Vodka

It was in the 14th century that vodka was first described as “Russia’s national drink”.

Some 500 years later, in 1894, after centuries of unregulated production, Dmitri Mendeleev, Professor of Chemistry at St. Petersburg University and creator of the Periodic Table of Elements, established the absolute standard for vodka distillation.

dimitry mendeleev The Russian Standard Vodka: The Official Recipe of Russian VodkaMendeleev’s perfect balance of 40% alcohol by volume gave Russian vodka a precise formula for what had been, until then, a process closer to alchemy than chemistry.

Today, Russian Standard vodkas take Mendeleev’s 19th century ideas and distillation to 21st century levels of quality by combining the finest hand-selected wheat from the black soil of the Russian steppes with the pure, soft waters of Lake Ladoga to create a classic Russian spirit with an exceptionally pure, smooth taste.

This outspoken original has set the benchmark for authentic premium Russian vodka—unmatched heritage honed for today’s connoisseur.

Recognized in its homeland as a benchmark for excellence, Russian Standard Original owes its name and quality to Dmitri Mendeleev’s classic formula, commissioned by Tsar Alexander III for optimum balance and purity.

Its combination of traditional wheat taste—from the hardy winter wheat of the Russian steppes—and remarkable clarity—from the soft glacial waters of the frozen north—make Russian Standard Original a perfect vodka to sip neat or as your preferred spirit for a long drink. Russian Standard has come to epitomize vodka in the spirit’s motherland, and in the process become an iconic symbol of modern Russian life and dynamism.

The dramatic bottle design, inspired by the Ivan the Great Bell Tower in the heart of Moscow, evokes Russia’s Imperial past, and the vital role that vodka plays in Russia’s most elegant traditions. Striking a balance between Russian heritage and the energy of modern life, Russian Standard Original is a masterpiece of technology, passion and craftsmanship.




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