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Siku Glacier Ice Vodka a Solid Martini

siku glacier ice vodka Siku Glacier Ice Vodka a Solid MartiniMade from Pure Glacier Ice from Greenland

By Matt Goldstein & Amy K. Haight

The Siku Glacier Ice Vodka is made from pure glacier ice from the 60,000 year old Qalerallit Sermia Glacier in Greenland.  The ice from the glacier never even becomes water but actually is made straight into the vodka, a characteristic completely unique to Siku.  Five times distilled and imported from the Netherlands, Siku is a small batch grain vodka.  Meaning ice in Greenlandic, the Siku vodka makes a solid martini for experienced vodka drinkers.  With a grainy and complex taste, Siku is a very flavorful vodka.  Full bodied, full flavored, sharp and crisp but smoother as you sip, the Siku works very well with the vermouth and olives, complimenting each other.  At times, the Siku vodka can be a bit too sharp for the amateur drinker, but it’s a solid vodka for the experienced and those looking for real vodka flavor.  As always, we taste the vodka with an in and out style of martini, using the least amount of vermouth as possible.




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