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Skyy 90 Vodka is No Pie in the Vodka Sky!

Skyy 90 Vodka 115x300 Skyy 90 Vodka is No Pie in the Vodka Sky!100% Distilled

By Matt Goldstein & Amy K. Haight

According to Skyy Vodka, the Skyy 90 is the world’s first 100% distillate vodka, it’s also bottles at 90 proof as opposed to regular Skyy Vodka which is 80 proof.  Skyy vodka designed this vodka to “deliver exceptional purity.”  It might distilled and pure, but it’s just not that good.  Charcoal filtered and made with amber winter wheat, the Skyy 90 is designed to deliver the a “more luxurious martini.”  The world’s most advanced distillery is still missing the mark on a martini vodka.  We taste all of our martini’s with the in and out style so there is as little vermouth as possible and the Skyy Vodka martini just seems a bit average.  A bit smooth and lacking bite with character, there seems to be a lack of flavor.  Perhaps the vodka is overly distilled and the impurities in vodka are necessary to be there in minimal amounts.  Either way, the $25 million research and development that went into this vodka was a complete waste.  After all, even if it is good, or better than average, which it’s not, the money, research and perfect distillation are creating nothing exceptional in Skyy 90 vodka.




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