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The Best Vodka’s Under $20: Glacier, Danzka, Tito’s, Olifant, Prairie, Finlandia, Fris, Svedka and more…

Glacier1111111 88x300 The Best Vodka’s Under $20: Glacier, Danzka, Titos, Olifant, Prairie, Finlandia, Fris, Svedka and more...By Howard & Matt Goldstein

Top 10 Vodka’s Under $20: The Best Bang for Your Buck 

1.  Glacier Potato Vodka, distilled by Teton, Rigby, Idaho 

2.  Danzka, grain vodka, Copenhagen, Denmark

3.  Tito’s Hand Made Vodka, distilled 6 times, Austin, TX

4.  Olifant, grain vodka, Schiedem, Holland

5.  Prairie Organic Vodka, made with yellow corn, Minneapolis, MN

6.  Finlandia, made from glacial spring water and barley, Ilmajoki, Finland

7.  Fris, made from all natural whole wheat and spring water, 6 times distilled, Denmark

8.   Svedka Citron, all natural 5 times distilled, made with winter wheat, Sweden 

9.   Pinnacle, made with wheat grain from the Brie region, 4 times distilled, France

10.   Skyy, made from wheat and geared towards martini drinkers, San Jose, CA

11.  Reyka, made with Icelandic water filtered by ancient lava rocks, Borgarnes, Iceland

12.  Koenig Potato Vodka, small batch slow crafted with Idaho potatoes, Idaho

A very common misconception about vodka is that it’s mostly made from potatoes, but according to Teton, 99% of vodkas are made from grains, wheat, corn and rye.  Our number 1 choice, Teton’s Glacier, stands out from the crowd with an exceptional smoothness but yet distinct flavor, priced at about $20.  Number 2 on the list, Danzka, is perhaps the smoothest vodka we’ve ever tasted and isn’t more than about $14 at retail.  Glacier and Danzka could stand up to any “premium” vodka in the world but yet are priced for the average drinker.  Our number 8, Svedka, is actually the fastest growing vodka in the world, specifically because of its drinkability and price, about $14.  This list of 12 vodkas under $20 can satisfy any vodka drinker in the world.  Yes, there are some great “premium” vodkas out there, but there is no need to blow your entire paycheck just to act cool.  Any of these 12 will do just fine for a shot, martini or mixed drink.  You don’t have to buy these vodkas for their price either; buy them for their quality and taste.  


Organic Prairie Vodka  

Stoli Absolut Skyy Vodka 

Chopin Potato Vodka Martini







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15 comments to The Best Vodka’s Under $20: Glacier, Danzka, Tito’s, Olifant, Prairie, Finlandia, Fris, Svedka and more…

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  • PDL Dallas

    Does anyone know where I can find Danzka Vodka in the Dallas / Ft Worth, TX area….or anywhere in TX? A retail store name would be great or the name of the Distributor would work too. Thank you!


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    Not sure. They used to have Danzka in PA but I haven’t seen it for a couple years. It’s one of my all time favorites.


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  • Jon

    for a sipping vodka, this is the smoothest. 25 yrs experience, this is a huge secret.


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    I don’t always like the smoothest vodka, but which vodka is the smoothest?


  • Maria Goodwin

    Where can I find Danzka vodka in San Francisco, CA? So far can’t find a distributor. Thanks for your help.


  • Alexis

    my cuz introduced me to Tito’s drank with Water and it FUCKEN TAST JUST LIKE WATER.. goin camping this weekend and now I seeit as the #3 best no wounder fixin to buy some liquir want to buy one of the first 2 TITO’S though you cant go wrong on par with some of the best


  • Howard

    It is difficult to fine some of these vodka’s in the stores, especially brands such as Glacier, Prairie and Koenig.


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    Prairie and Koenig are all over the place. What about Danzka? I haven’t seen that in a while.


    Tizzle Reply:

    Total wine in wilmington delaware is my go to place for that hard to find bottle. Most of the staff are wine experts and they hold daily tastings


  • Matt Goldstein

    I also had Chopin and Absolute martinis this weeked and they were both great. I think their both just over $20 though.


  • Matt goldstein

    Tito’s and Prairie are my favorite martini vodka’s on this list. Danzka is by far the best vodka shot I’ve ever had and I’ll compare that to any vodka in the world. BJ would probably say the same thing. Morton’s serves Finlandia martini’s at their happy hour, it’s good but lacks a little bite.


  • Tizzle

    You hinted at this about SKYY, but would you agree that some Vodka’s make better Martini vodkas while other vodkas are better suited for mixing? Any on the list that would be better for mixing or better for martini’s?


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