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VOX Vodka: The Best Martini Vodka in the World!

Vox vodka1 300x291 VOX Vodka: The Best Martini Vodka in the World! A Premium Vodka without the Premium Price…

By Matt Goldstein

Imported from the Netherlands where vodka has been made for over four hundred years, VOX is made from 100% wheat grains and distilled 5 times.  VOX Vodka is a double Gold Medalist at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and made using de-mineralized water created through reverse osmosis to remove all traces of color and odor.  Reverse osmosis?  Really?  That is pretty freaking crazy but hey, the result is a flat out masterpiece.  VOX Vodka is the single best martini vodka we’ve ever had.  We always drink martinis with the in and out style so we can taste more of the vodka, not just a lot of vermouth.  VOX is a mouthwatering martini vodka with an all around perfect vodka flavor; a thick mellow taste with a complex finish, good warmth and flawless bite.  Very smooth with faint hints of sweet citrus, VOX is one of the best martini vodkas available period.  For just about $22, this might be the best bang for your buck.  VOX is a premium vodka without the premium price.         


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