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Zyr Russian Vodka: A Classic Premium Vodka & Martini

zyr russian vodka logo Zyr Russian Vodka: A Classic Premium Vodka & MartiniA Classic Martini Vodka, Double Gold Medalist, Scored 100 Points from Wine Enthusiast

By Matt Goldstein

Five times distilled, Zyr Russian Vodka makes its way onto the premium vodka scene as a classic martini vodka.   There’s a reason that Zyr Russian Vodka had a perfect 100 point score from Wine Enthusiast.  Made with Russian winter wheat and rye, the five times distilled vodka also goes through 9 filtrations, in which 5 of the filtrations are done through birch tree charcoal granules.  The formula for Zyr professes to be based on the work of the legendary Russian Scientist, Dmitry Mendeleev, creator of the Periodic Table of Elements.  It is possible however that Zyr might be more genius than the actual Periodic Table itself.   When we say it’s a classic, we mean it.      

Zyr Vodka Review, Taste and Flavor:

The Zyr Vodka is remarkably smooth but has a solid bite and perfect structure for a vodka.  Zyr has a complex flavor with a thick aftertaste.  Slightly sweet but very clean in taste, thorough in vodka flavor, the Zyr vodka martini is one of the best vodka martinis we’ve ever had period.   Zyr Russian Vodka can compete with any Vodka on the market today.  Fact!  There is a new premium vodka on the shelves.  We highly recommend this Zyr vodka. 




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