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Premium Vodka Sales Exploding in India

taj mahal picture 1 Premium Vodka Sales Exploding in IndiaExponential Spirit Consumption in Booming Indian Economy

By Matt Goldstein

Home of the Taj Mahal, 1000’s of dialects and religions, one of America’s best allies and a cultural depth unmatched by any country in the world, India’s booming economy is exploding vodka sales throughout the entire country.  From Mumbai, Dehli, Bangalore and Kolkata, premium vodka sales are growing at an exponential rate.  “Salaries in the world’s most populous nation after China will grow an average 12.9 percent this year, the fastest in Asia, according to a survey by Aon Hewitt LLC, boosting disposable incomes.”  This means lots of vodka, lots of expensive vodka.  Diego Plc, makers of Johnny Walker and Smirnoff expect a 35% jump in sales over the next five years and can anticipate an eventual 50% growth.  That’s not peanuts.  There is also a great indication that whiskey sales will grow at a rapid rate in India as well.  This is great news for American Whiskey makers and Bourbon County Kentucky.  India is now on pace to overtake Russia as the 2nd largest consumer of spirits in the world.  Cheers to India!

Source: Bloomberg




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