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Our Best Buy Vodka: Gold Medal Winning Platinum Vodka

Platinum Vodka by Sazerac 111x300 Our Best Buy Vodka: Gold Medal Winning Platinum VodkaSeven Times Distilled for $10

By Team Goldmine

Let us just start this off by making a simple statement: one person drinking five martinis is a serious mistake, let alone 2 people drinking 10 martinis in cahoots.  We strongly advise against this many martinis.  Now that that’s out of the way, let’s discuss the gold medal winning Platinum Vodka from Buffalo Trace.  Seven times distilled and for only $10, this smooth, grainy and flavorful vodka is a flat out stud!   Made from corn and limestone water, Buffalo Trace & Sazerac must be applauded for selling this beautiful spirit for merely $10.  We sipped Platinum along side of the premium French vodka Quay, which is about $30.  Quay was slightly smoother but Quay was also a bit boring, flavorless, and a bit like drinking water.  Where’s the party in drinking water?  If your preference is flavor depth and a small bite than Platinum Vodka is where it’s at.   Don’t believe us?  The San Francisco World Spirits Competition awarded Platinum 7X a Gold Medal in its vodka category and The Beverage Testing Institute rated it “Best Buy” and “Highly Recommended.”  For the price range, Platinum Vodka comes with Whiskey Goldmine’s highest recommendation and sips a perfect straight martini.




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