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The Tweeddale 12 Year Blended Scotch Whisky: Batch 2

tweeddale 12 year blended scotch whisky batch 2 The Tweeddale 12 Year Blended Scotch Whisky: Batch 2A Non Chill Filtered Scotch Whisky

By Matt Goldstein

Tweeddale blend was first distilled in 1820 in Coldstream Scotland, just a few minutes from the border of England.  Having been shut down during WWII, the Tweeddale Blend was reborn in 2009.  The first batch was produced in 2010 and we were lucky enough to get a taste of Batch 2, bottled in June of 2011. Batch two is made up of single grain whisky aged for more than 15 years sherry cask.  Seven of the eight single malts are from the same casks as batch 1 but a year older, from 12 years old to 21 years old.  A blend of aged single grain whisky and eight individually selected aged single malt whiskies with a high malt content (50% grain, 50% malt), the Tweeddale blend is non chill filtered in keeping with the tradition of the original blend.  Bottled at about 46% ABV, the 12 years aged Tweedale Batch 2 is a solid scotch whisky.  With a thick gold color, the Tweeddale 12 Year is very smooth with a syrupy, fruity flavor with an oak and wood mouth feel.  Sweet, smooth and warm this full bodied and balanced blend with a solid, light and refreshing smokiness.  This is a solid scotch whisky and we definitely recommend it.

Tasting Notes from Tweeddale:

Batch Two (First bottled June 2011, available now)

Nose -mellow, sherry, toffee.

Palate -rich, full yet delicately flavoured

Finish -rounded, with hints of spice.

Just as every batch was slightly different when my Great Grandfather produced it over 70 years ago, my 2nd batch of The Tweeddale Blend is 12 year old.




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