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The Dalmore 12 Years Aged & Jura 16 Years Aged Single Malt Scotch Whiskies

dalmore 12 single malt scotch whisky 200x300 The Dalmore 12 Years Aged & Jura 16 Years Aged Single Malt Scotch WhiskiesBy Matt Goldstein

The Dalmore 12 Years Old Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky:

The Dalmore 12 was a gold medalist at the 2009 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.  The 12 Years Old Single Malt is aged in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks and then oak bourbon barrels.  In all aged whiskeys, cognacs, and related liquors etc., the age of the liquor inside the bottle must be older then the age labeled or advertised on the outside of the bottle.  The Dalmore distillery boasts that its 12 year single malt scotch is much older than any average aging stock in Highland.  The Dalmore 12 year has a sweet scent with hints of vanilla, peat and faint citrus; it’s a complex and solid nose feel.  The Dalmore 12 is a thin and light single malt that is very smooth with a nice warmth.  At first it’s dry and light in flavor, but after we open up the Dalmore with a couple drops of water, a sweet flavor emerges.  The opened Dalmore becomes thicker and the vanilla stands out with a dry thin mouth feel, but thick sweet syrupy finish.  This is an excellent single malt that grows on you with every sip.     


jura 16 year single malt scotch whisky 122x300 The Dalmore 12 Years Aged & Jura 16 Years Aged Single Malt Scotch WhiskiesThe Jura 16 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky:

The scent of the Jura 16 is spicy, with hints of fruit and honey.  The 16 year flavor is a strong oak and wood with a thick sweet mouth feel.  After we open the Jura 16 with a few drops of water.  The mouth feel is thick and syrupy and the wood flavors a powdery flour, with a perfume strength.  The water made it a bit stronger.  The smaller the sip one takes, the better the flavor of the 16 year, with a smooth aftertaste.  Distilling scotch on the remote island of Jura dates back to the 1600’s.  The Jura 16 Year Single Malt is aged just off the beach on the Isle of Jura and gets much of its complex characteristics from the ocean air.  This is a single malt for the experienced scotch drinker.                 




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