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Crown Royal Canadian Whisky: Pass the Crown Holiday Contest

PassTheCrown Crown Royal Canadian Whisky Crown Royal Canadian Whisky: Pass the Crown Holiday Contest#PassTheCrown: Whiskey Goldmine Readers with Chance to Win Prizes

By Matt Goldstein

Whiskey Goldmine will be competing with 25 other blogs in the #PassTheCrown holiday contest sponsored by Crown Royal Canadian Whisky.  Yup, there’s no “E” in Canadian Whisky, however there is lots of prizes for the holidays, like Ipads, bottles of whiskey, Omaha Steaks and parties.  And if our fans help us participate, they will get to see a piece of the prizes.  Whatever we win, one lucky fan will win.  The blogs we are competing with are already receiving their gifts every day.  They can either accept the gift, or #PassTheCrown.  Our turn will be on December 9th, and we will receive the gift at 9 am.  Being that December 9th is my birthday, I’m feeling lucky.  The reader or fan that helps us participate the most and crush the other blogs in the #PassTheCrown contest will be rewarded with holiday cheer and bling.  We’re gonna take the prizes they want, and send those other inferior blogs, prizes that we think are beneath us.




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2 comments to Crown Royal Canadian Whisky: Pass the Crown Holiday Contest

  • Gourmonster

    What do I need to do to help particiapte? Go Team Goldmine!


    WGM Reply:

    On December 9th, we will recieve a gift, we can either accept it or throw it back. Our readers must help us decide what to do with the gift.


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