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The Crown Royal Cask No 16 Cognac Finish Canadian Whisky

Crown Royal Cask No 16 Cognac Finish The Crown Royal Cask No 16 Cognac Finish Canadian WhiskyA Canadian Blend Matured in Cognac Casks

By Matt Goldstein

The Crown Royal Cask No 16 is a blended Canadian Whisky made up of more than 50 different individually aged whiskies.  Winning the award of best Canadian Whisky of the year by Malt Advocate, the Crown Royal No 16 is a hand crafted blend. The whiskey is matured for the majority of its aging in whiskey barrels but then transferred to oak cognac barrels made from the Limousin forest in France.  The cognac casks are marked with the signature 16 to indicate their place of origin in Limousin.  This is an exceptional Canadian Whisky, with character and complexity not often found in Canadian Blends.  For the first time ever, Crown Royal Master Blender Andrew Mackay brought together Crown Royal Whisky with Cognac.

Crown Royal Cask No 16 Tasting Notes:

With scents of oak, malts, grains and sugar, and a sweet scent with slight hint of honey or syrup, the Crown Royal Cask No 16 is a very smooth whisky.  More complex than the average Canadian whisky but sometimes too smooth and a thin mouth feel with thin smooth finish the flavors of oak are very cognac esque while the flavors of grain distinct to Crown Royal.  This is a very good whiskey for a Canadian Blend.  We highly recommend this for Cognac drinkers.  Priced at about $70.




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