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Crown Royal Reserve Blended Canadian Whisky

crown royal reserve blended canadian whiskey pic 160x300 Crown Royal Reserve Blended Canadian WhiskyHandpicked Barrels by Master Blender Andrew MacKay

By Matt Goldstein

The Crown Royal Reserve Blended Canadian Whisky is selected from less than 1% of the Crown Royal Whiskey stash.  Considered a five star whiskey from the Spirit Journal, the blend is more focused on a bourbon and spicy rye style than the traditional Crown Royal blend.  Created by the Master Blender Andrew Mackay, Crown Royal Reserve barrels are off limits to anyone else at the distillery.  The barrels are literally marked “to be opened by the Master Blender only!”  The new bottles of Crown Royal Reserve come with a beautiful golden velvet bag and a personal letter from Andrew Mackay.   

The cap has a spicy scent, and the nose of the glass is slightly sweet, a little sour and a hint of bourbon.  The Crown Royal Reserve has a complex mouth feel with a beautiful bite.  The Reserve blend is very bourbon esque with sweet corn and with spicy rye notes.  This Canadian Whiskey has longing warmth with notes of oak, wood, grain, cinnamon and vanilla.  Remarkably smooth, but with a distinct character, the Crown Royal Reserve is an exceptional and classic whiskey.  We love this whiskey!




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