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The Royal Canadian Small Batch Canadian Whiskey

royal canadian small batch whiskey The Royal Canadian Small Batch Canadian WhiskeyA Canadian Whiskey by the Sazerac Company

By Matt Goldstein

The Royal Canadian Small Batch Canadian Whiskey is one of five Canadian Whiskeys made by the Sazerac Company.  Made in very small batches under the eye of the Master Blender, each barrel is hand bottled and described as “Sweet and smoky like a Memphis BBQ. The initial sip is velvety smooth with huge flavors.  The Royal Canadian Small Batch tasting notes:  The whiskey is thin, grainy, slightly tart and smooth. A mellow mouth feel and malty grainy long aftertaste with a light hint of malt.  This is a solid Canadian whiskey.





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2 comments to The Royal Canadian Small Batch Canadian Whiskey

  • rob murphy

    I love this whiskey!!!!! A friend of mine recently turned me on to this stuff,but, he bought all available( it was a close out), now, I can’t find it anywhere close to me. I live in Fort Walton Beach, Fl. Any suggestion as to where I can get this delightful ambrosia? on-line or a city close by? Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks for you time.


    Bradley Reply:

    If you are ever up toward Atlanta, I know they have it at Total Wine .(Alpharetta and Kennesaw locations). I think it is $22.99 a bottle


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