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Gentleman Jack: Rare Tennessee Whiskey by Jack Daniels

gentleman jack logo 2 225x300 Gentleman Jack: Rare Tennessee Whiskey by Jack DanielsA Classic Jack Daniels Recipe Twice Mellowed

By Matt Goldstein

Seven generations after Jack Daniels first started mellowing whiskey; his recipes have been kept to standard.  The Gentleman Jack is a twice mellowed Jack Daniels recipe, drop by drop through charcoaled sugar maple.  “Charcoal mellowing is what makes Jack Daniel’s what it is – a Tennessee Whiskey and not a bourbon.  Doing it twice is what makes Gentleman Jack what it is –unlike any whiskey in the world.”  Each new barrel selected to age Gentleman Jack is charred and caramelized and the whiskey is aged to the sip, not the year.  Although technically not a Bourbon because it’s from Tennessee, Gentleman Jack is made with a heavy corn mash like any Bourbon from Kentucky.    


Gentleman Jack Tasting Notes:

The scent is of rich grain, corn and slightly sweet.  Brownish gold in color, the flavor is full bodied, sweet and slightly tart and thin on the finish.  Smooth and flavorful with good warmth, this is an all around great whiskey.  Very drinkable but with complex flavors of oak and honey and slightly dry, Gentleman Jack is a must for any serious whiskey drinker.  Although it’s not a Bourbon, this whiskey can stand next to any Bourbon. 




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