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Jameson Gold Reserve Irish Whiskey: Not Worth the Irish Gold in Your Pocket

Jameson Gold Reserve Irish Whiskey 211x300 Jameson Gold Reserve Irish Whiskey: Not Worth the Irish Gold in Your PocketAre Pricey Irish Whiskys Really Worth It?

By Matt Goldstein

On vacation this past weekend, we decided to stop in the critically acclaimed Irish Pub in Atlantic City.  Aside from the terrible smell, and the other terrible smell, there’s something about this dingy dark hole that makes you want to drink.  So we went for a half and half and the Jameson Gold Reserve neat, what’s more Irish that that?  Now, the Jameson Gold Reserve was solid but we can’t see how it’s really worth $60 a bottle.  Most Irish Whiskey’s lack complexity, and especially this one.  The Jameson Gold Reserve is blend of three whiskeys aged in virgin oak barrels coupled with the bourbon barrels and sherry casks.  The Jameson Gold Reserve is sweet, smooth, solid and slightly spicy.  This is a good Irish Whiskey but does not have the complexity to command $60 a bottle.  If you’re looking for thin and smooth than this is it, but if you’re looking for a great whiskey, the Jameson Gold Reserve misses the mark.   For $60 a bottle, we would recommend many other whiskey’s over the Jameson Gold Reserve.



NOSE – Fragrant wood, rich pot still with a touch of sherry sweetness.

TASTE – All the creaminess and honey sweetness come together to create a taste sensation of spicy character.

FINISH – A very long finish with a pleasantly peppery finale.




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