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Redbreast 12, Elijah Craig 18, Woodford Reserve: A Review

Woodford Reserve Redbreast 12, Elijah Craig 18, Woodford Reserve: A ReviewThe Redbreast 12 Year:

The Readbreast 12 year Irish whiskey is absolutely an outstanding whiskey.  It’s one of the best whiskeys we’ve ever had period.  Redbreast 12 Year is perhaps the smoothest Irish whiskey we’ve ever on the planet.  With a scotch like complexity and a bit of sweetness, it had the perfect whiskey flavor but not too much that it dominates the drink.  The bite is absolutely flawless.  Redbreast 12 Year is the only aged pure pot still whiskey in the world and is matured in sherry and bourbon casks.  

The Elijah Craig 18 Year:

A very strong single barrel bourbon, the Elijah Craig 12 year, has a great bite and a lot of flavor for bourbon.  One knows right away that you are drinking bourbon.  The Elijah Craig 18 year is the oldest single barrel bourbon in the world.  After the 18 years almost two thirds of the barrel has evaporated.  Not only are aged whiskeys, cognacs and rums more expensive to store for that period of time, but after so long, there is so little of the actual drink left to consume that a fine aged whiskey has to come with a serious price tag.  If you’re a fan of bourbon, the Elijah Craig 18 year is an excellent choice.             

Woodford Reserve:

The Woodfor Reserve is a handcrafted 90.4 proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon.  I’ve had this 5 other times and liked it, but now it showed true character.  With a great bourbon flavor, it’s much more subtle than the Elijah Craig.  It’s a great balance for a bourbon whiskey with a little complexity and rather smooth. 




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