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The Tullamore Dew 10 Years Aged Irish Whisky

Tullamore Dew 10 Year Irish Whisky The Tullamore Dew 10 Years Aged Irish WhiskyTriple Distilled, Aged in American and Spanish Oak

By Matt Goldstein

A few weeks ago we were invited to the Tullamore Dew Irish True event in Philadelphia.  This tour featured free Tullamore Dew, free Irish food, Irish music and some boxers sparring in a “secret” room.  While the boxers were barely sparring, the free food and free whisky was pretty god dam awesome.  Unfortunately, the other people attenting this party weren’t there to pick up their 3 complimentary bottles of Tullamore Dew so they could review it for their whiskey web site.  We’ve had the Tullamore Dew original many times and we’ve had the pleasure of tasting the 12 year, which is simply one of the best Irish whiskies on the shelves.  However, this is the first time we’re tasting the Tullamore Dew 10 year, after all, we can’t buy every bottle of liquor one the shelf.

The Tullamore Dew 10 Years Aged Irish Whisky is a triple distilled spirit matured in Spanish and American Oak casks.  This whisky is thin, salty, and a light thin gold color.  With a sweet, syrupy mouth feel, slightly bitter, dry, with a light malty flavor, the Tullamore Dew 10 years is a good sipping Irish whisky and definitely one of the better Irish whiskies, very close to the 12 year.  The Spirit Journal recently gave Tullamore Dew 10 Year Old Reserve 4 Stars/Highly Recommended.  We recommend this whisky as well.

Tasting Notes from Tullamore Dew:

Colour: Medium amber gold.

Nose: Spicy, oily and fresh malty notes with more complex toasted wood and vanilla undertones.

Body: Medium bodied, balanced with malt, spice and citrus fruits. Complex oily flavours with faint notes of Christmas cake and a touch of leather.

Palate: Smooth and full; woody undertones, giving way to sweet Olorosso nuttiness with just a touch of spice.

Finish: Rich, long, malty and spicy notes. Pleasantly dry finish with slightly lemony and sweet notes lingering




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