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Benjamin Prichard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon Whiskey is Completely Out of Control!

PRICHARDS DOUBLE CHOCOLATE BARRELED 300x300 Benjamin Prichard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon Whiskey is Completely Out of Control!Small Independent Distillery Makes Major Splash in Whiskey and Rum

By Matt Goldstein

The small independent Benjamin Prichard’s distillery out of Kelso Tennessee is well known for their many award winning styles of rum but the wide ranging whiskey styles have also been winning awards lately.  The Double Chocolate Bourbon from Prichard’s is absolutely bonkers.  Scoring 90 points from the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, the Double Chocolate Bourbon is not just a whiskey with some flavor added to mask the alcohol.  This is simply an excellent whiskey with just a touch of chocolate that go together almost perfectly.  The small batch hand crafted whiskey is combined with chocolate from the Olive & Sinclair Company.  With all of these flavored vodkas and whiskeys hitting the shelves, the Double Chocolate Bourbon could get lost in the fray, but there is simply no comparison.  The top shelf Benjamin Prichard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon Whiskey is simply the best flavored spirit we have ever had and comes with our highest recommendation.  It’s an absolute must buy and is best served neat.  We also recommend other whiskey’s from Prichard’s and our reviews are coming soon.





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