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Makers Mark 46 Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

makers mark 46 pic 272x300 Makers Mark 46 Kentucky Bourbon WhiskeyBarrel Finished Bourbon with Seared Oak Staves

By Matt Goldstein

Makers Mark 46 is made with fully matured Maker’s Mark Bourbon which is extracted from the barrel.  The barrel is then affixed with 10 seared wooden staves inside the barrel.  Searing the wooded staves caramelizes the sugars in the inside the wood.  The fully matured Maker’s Mark is then put back in the barrel and aged for a few more months.  There is no exact time when the Maker’s Mark 46 is removed from the barrel; the master distillers taste the bourbon and then decide whether it’s time. 

Maker’s Mark 46 Review, Taste and Flavor:

When we first tasted the Maker’s Mark 46 it tasted almost the same as Maker’s Mark.  We honestly didn’t know much of a difference.  The scent is strong and dry.  The flavor has a long warmth with notes of corn and oak.  Maker’s Mark 46 bourebon is a strong and robust.  The good oak finish begins to grow on you, especially the dry bitter aftertaste.  This is a solid bourbon that’s not too sweet like other bourbons out there, which sometimes let the corn make the statement and not the whiskey.  The Maker’s Mark 46 is all whiskey.  It’s a bit above average and not too complex.  The 46 seems almost exactly like the original Maker’s Mark.  It’s solid, but probably not worth the extra $15. 




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