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Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 20 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon: A Perfectly Balanced Masterpiece

 Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 20 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon: A Perfectly Balanced MasterpieceA Kentucky Straight Bourbon: A Kaleidoscope of Flavors for your Mouth

By Matt Goldstein & Wayne Haines

After a brief (2 year) hiatus the Whiskey Goldmine is back by popular demand.  Having written 500 articles on Whiskeys, Bourbons, Cocktails and just some outrageous shenanigans, we couldn’t think of a better subject for our comeback: the Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 20 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon.  The Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Company was created in early 2014 to locate forgotten barrels of craft whiskey from around the world.  The barrels were discovered in warehouses at the Stitzel-Weller facility in Louisville, Ky., and distilled in both the New and Old Bernheim distilleries in Louisville.  This is the third Whisky from the Orphan Barrel Project and we are thrilled with the results.  Slated to be progressively aged and released over the coming years.  The 20 year old to be released this year and the 21 year old in 2015, and so on and so on.  After receiving the bottle, we sat on this bourbon for 3 days and allowed the anticipation to build.  Teasing ourselves like children waiting for the ice cream man on a hot summer afternoon.  The wait was well worth it.  This bourbon is a perfectly balanced masterpiece.  Smooth, bold, and having serious character, this well-aged bourbon emits a nosy kaleidoscope of oak, vanilla, apple, pear, caramel and cherries.  A silky, almost syrupy body awaits the tongue, slightly nutty, bursting with fruit flavor, and reminiscent of a caramel apple.  An initial sweetness hits the tip of the tongue, followed by some heat and a mid-palate spiciness, finishing with a somewhat strong rye burn – which we love.  The Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 20 Year is simply a classic Kentucky Straight Bourbon and comes with our highest recommendation.




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