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The Templeton Small Batch Rye Whiskey

templeton rye whiskey 166x300 The Templeton Small Batch Rye Whiskey A Prohibition Whiskey & Al Capone’s Whiskey of Choice

During prohibition when alcohol was banned, Templeton Rye grew in legend.  Still made from the original recipe in charred new oak barrels, not only was Templeton Rye Al Capone’s whiskey of choice, it was a major piece of his bootlegging empire. In order to be called a rye, there needs to be a rye quantity of 51% in the sour mash. Templeton Rye however uses a 90% rye based mash and a 25% backset. Meaning, 25% of each mash is derived from the previous mash and so on. Each batch of rye whiskey is connected to the next.

The Templeton Rye Review and Flavor:

At first scent, the rye has a light bourbon hint with a deep scent of grain. The taste is a little sweet, but smooth with a good bite. The flavor of grain is a major statement with a rye and corn taste. Sometimes a dry and sour aftertaste, the is a all-around spicy finish. The Templeton Rye is full bodied, smooth, sweet, and the deep malt and grain grows on you with every sip. Templeton Rye just gets better and better each time we sip it. Wait, let me confirm. Yup!




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