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Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Rare Rye Whiskey Selection

woodford reserve masters collection rare rye whiskey Woodford Reserve Masters Collection Rare Rye Whiskey SelectionNew Cask Rye and Aged Cask Rye Both Available

With the recent resurgence of Bourbon, America’s signature whiskey, Rye whiskey has also experienced a major resurgence.  This year’s sixth release of the Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection begins arriving in stores this week.  It includes dual 375ml bottles – one that has been matured in a new charred cask and one matured in an aged cask.  Both are from a 100% rye recipe but the difference in the final product is the manner of maturation.


Tasting Notes for Woodford Reserve New Cask Rye

Color: Golden brown.

Aroma: Cinnamon and delicate mint spice sweetened with a balance of oak aromatics, tobacco leaf, honey vanilla, caramel and ripe apple fruit.

Taste: A creamy balance of new cask sweetness with spiced apple and rich berry fruitiness.

Finish: Smooth with rich fruit and warming spice hints.


Tasting Notes for Woodford Reserve Aged Cask Rye

Color: Light straw.

Aroma: Grassy rye grain with hints or citrus, vanilla and spice.

Taste: Distinct soft fresh rye and malt grain dusted with vanilla and sweet oak character.

Finish: Fresh and clean with caramelized green apple crispiness and a hint of rye.




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