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10 Great Kosher Wines for Passover!

flechas de los andes malbec 196x300 10 Great Kosher Wines for Passover!The Great Kosher Wine List for Passover

Compiled by Matt Goldstein

For those celebrating Passover this week, we’ve compiled a list of great kosher wines.  No, this isn’t a compilation of the best Manischewitz available.  The great kosher wine list is a compilation of critically acclaimed wines from all over the world.  So just sit back, sip some matzah ball soup, enjoy your family, and have a great kosher wine with Passover dinner.  Don’t forget to leave a glass out for the Prophet Elijah.  After all, if you were Elijah, you’d want a glass of wine too.  I know I would.  The following are in no particular order. 


1.  Bartenura Moscato Rose sparkling wine.  Italy. 

2.  Gonzalez Byass Tio Pepe Palomino Fino Sherry blend.  Spain. 

3.  Goose Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.  New Zealand.

4.  Flechas de Los Andes Gran Malbec.  Argentina.

herzog wines 10 Great Kosher Wines for Passover!5.  Segal’s Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve.  Israel.

6.  Herzog Late Harvest Clarksburg Chenin Blanc.  California.

7.  Flam Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve.  Israel.  (Not Kosher?)

8.  Margalit Cabernet Franc.  Israel. (Not Kosher?)

9.  Herzog Chateneuf White Bordeaux.  California

10.  Tour Saint-Laurent Grand Vin Bordeaux.  France. 


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