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Champagne & Wine Sales Soar to Near Record Highs!

champagne toast sparkling wine bubbles 268x300 Champagne & Wine Sales Soar to Near Record Highs!Americans Spend More per Bottle despite Recession

By Matt Goldstein

Sales of Champagne and wine have been soaring towards record levels in 2011 and American exports are benefitting.  The majority of California wine goes overseas and to Europe respectively however, wine sales in China are also climbing significantly.  So what if China wants to put a tariff on American cars, let’s just get them drunk and they won’t be able to drive.  Champagne sales in the U.S. are up 22% with the French wine & spirit company LVMH Moet Hennessey Luis Vuitton having the biggest impact on sales.  Americans are now purchasing $30-50 bottles of wine and Champagne at record levels.  The overall numbers in luxury Champagnes also indicate an increase in sales of luxury items across the board including, wines, spirits, clothing, jewelry and more.   Maybe the recession is over, maybe the economic recovery is in full effect, and maybe the drunks in China are about to shower Napa Valley with gold.  No matter how you slice it, Americans and China both are drinking a much better product and their willing to pay for it.

Source: MSNBC




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