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Drink Your Sparkling Wine Now: Champagne Already Aged When Leaving Vineyard

champagne toast sparkling wine bubbles 268x300 Drink Your Sparkling Wine Now: Champagne Already Aged When Leaving VineyardBigger Bubbles Indicate a Young, Peaking Champagne

By Matt Goldstein

For most Champagnes and sparkling wines, the aging process is already complete when the bottles leave the vineyard.  The bottle of Champagne or Sparkling wine is actually at its peak when bought and slightly degrades in quality from there.  For many, this means there is no need to age the bottle of champagne in your wine cellar or wine rack.  There is no need to keep that special expensive bottle of Dom P or Crystal for that special occasion.  The best time to drink your champagne is now.  Stop playing games and just pour yourself a glass now.

In order to know how old you champagne is, the key is in the bubbles.  The bigger the bubbles the younger the champagne; the smaller the bubbles, the older it is.  The bigger bubbles are key to experiencing the best champagne or sparkling wines and drinking the champagne at the appropriate age.  So open your bottles as soon as you can and enjoy life now.  Life is short, and so is the shelf life of Champagne.      

Source: Avery Eric & Iron Horse Winery .







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