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Featured New Years Eve Champagne: The Lamarca Prosecco

Lamarca Prosecco 202x300 Featured New Years Eve Champagne: The Lamarca ProseccoA Light & Refreshing Prosecco for all Champagne Drinkers

By Matt Goldstein & Amy K. Haight

The Lamarca Prosecco is a sparkling wine made in the Trevisio area of Northern Italy from the Prosecco grape.  Prosecco is best consumed soon after production while it still retains its youthful fruitiness and stimulating acidity, just like all champagne and sparkling wines as they are already aged to their peak by the time they reach the shelves.  That’s right, there’s no need to age champagne, it’s better to drink it now!  In 2007 La Marca Prosecco was awarded a “Top 100 wines of the Year” by Wine Spectator and in 2010 considered “One of the fruitiest and one of the most aromatic” by the Wall Street Journal.  Made from 100% Prosecco grapes harvested in early September, then sourced from hundreds of small vineyards throughout the region the Lamarca Prosecco was started from a wine growing cooperative.

The Lamarca Prosecco is a light grayish Bache in color with just a hint of gold.  The flavor is Light in fruit and a very slight dry, showing some complexity.   With a good but crispness, the Lamarca Prosecco gets sweeter the more you sip.  This is a very nice glass of bubbly.  Subtle and mild, this is the type of champagne that would appeal to the masses.  Light and refreshing, perfect for beginners and the experienced, the Lamarca Prosecco is a well rounded, balanced and subtle sparkling wine and we would drink it again and again.  For $15, it’s a very solid buy and we absolutely recommend it.

Tasting Notes from Lamarca:

This sparkling wine is pale, golden straw in color. Bubbles are full textured and persistent. On the nose the wine brings fresh citrus with hints of honey and white floral notes. The flavor is fresh and clean, with ripe citrus, lemon, green apple, and touches of grapefruit, minerality, and some toast. The finish is light, refreshing, and crisp.

Recommended Cuisine:

La Marca Prosecco has the charm to stand alone as an aperitif, but it also has the body and the acidity to match well with a range of fragrant and spicy dishes. Try it with seafood, mild cheeses and any tomato-rich dish, or even with fruit-based desserts.

Finished Wine:

Varietal Content: 100% Prosecco 

Varietal Origin: IGT Veneto 

Alcohol: 11.30% by vol. 

Residual Sugar: 1.7 g/100ml 

Total Acidity: .58 g/100ml 

pH: 3.2 




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