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Capital Grill Winter Wines: Pairing Red Wines & Meats

capital grill red wines Capital Grill Winter Wines: Pairing Red Wines & MeatsHip, Hip, Syrah

By Master Sommelier George Miliotes

There is a time and place for delicate, complex wines that carefully weave complementary flavors and textures into a dining experience. The middle of winter at a table featuring Wagyu Pot Roast is neither that time nor that place. Pot roast is a big, hearty dish of comforting, familiar flavors as American as the apple pie often served afterwards. So what better wine to serve with Wagyu Pot Roast than an equally big and hearty Syrah direct from America’s West Coast. Syrah is often blended with other grapes, creating wonderful, layered reds. But Master Sommelier George Miliotes suggests seeking out a single-vineyard Syrah for this dining occasion. It will be a big, briary wine with aromas of spice and flowers, flavors of ripe forest berries, and substantial tannins that beautifully balance the richness of pot roast. Consider Alban Vineyards’ Reva Syrah, grown in Edna Valley of California’s Central Coast. Alban Vineyards is actually the first American winery and vineyards established exclusively for Rhone varieties, and their Syrah is exceptional. Another favorite of ours is Radio-Cocteau’s Timbervine Syrah, created from grapes grown in California’s Russian River Valley. And from farther up the coast in Walla Walla, Washington, comes Cayuse Winery’s savory Cailloux Vineyard Syrah. There will be time enough for lightness and frivolity come spring. Winter is about gathering indoors with friends, indulging in robust comfort food, and curling up with a good Syrah.




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